Wanting to do something different than working on my laptop, I had decided to switch the media a bit into a one that would be more traditional and hands-on.

Thank god that I tend to keep some various pieces of wood etc, hoping that I would turn it into something fun one day!

This one used to be a little supporting wooden piece that I had used for my last exhibition at KEA in Copenhagen.

What else to turn it into than a little wooden coffin with a happy skeleton in it?
Below you can see the process 🙂

A pencil sketch.
First layer of acrylic paint (purple) with a sample of black (Sharpie).

Almost finished with purple and black.
Third color arrives!
Then hop onto the cutting part.
The back side.

Painting this one was super fun! The back is left for a note and signature that I will put there later on.

“Rest in piece” – 25,5 x 11,5 cm wood painted with acrylics and sharpie, secured with a layer of matte varnish.

Key takeout?
Traditional media are quite limiting when it comes to undoing some of your creative processes – so now and then, deciding what color to assign to some specific area may be quite a struggle, infused by the golden fear of failure.
But all in all – a great way of learning how to balance and match colors!