And so my first solo exhibition came to an end – around 2 weeks ago.
Everything was set up at Københavns Erhvervsakademi throughout the whole of February – students, teachers, staff and anyone really who was passing by could come over and check some of my works out.

The main theme of the exhibition was set on logo design with the title inspired by what a design hero of mine (Lance Wyman) has once said:

I've decided to cut some of the logo-creations of mine out of wood with a CNC machinery, spraypaint, cover it with polish aaand and hang it up the wall after.
Below you can see the process!

Once all of these were ready, I simply attached 'em to the walls by using a double sided tape (A TIP here: if you're planning to do something similar, check how strong the tape that you're going to use is etc, I had assumed that the one I got wasn't too heavy-duty'ish so I put a lot of it... it wasn't fun to take it all down afterwards, trust me.)

Anywho! Here's how it ended looking like!

On the side of these icons, I had decided to put some of my posters up to not only add a little bit of color to that rather minimalistic setup but also to simply – well – spread the word about what I do except being nerdy about logo design.

What more can I say?

Thank you all who came by to check it out, or to get a print or to have a chat with me during the opening!
Hearing some positive words from various people had definitely ensured me that I'm on the right track and that I should keep on doing what I do right now!

And also you – who had scrolled through that post – thanks for sticking around! Hope that it was both informative and fun to go through! 🍻