Having some extra time during May *coughcough –rona*, I had decided to expand my skillset as a graphic designer and to practice animation and 3D.

I had worked with three: Blender, Cinema4D and Adobe After Effects. (Where the latter two I kept on using most of the time as I found their interface to be more intuitive for me to work with). 

To not to drop off to quickly from my freshly made ‘resolution’ I had stuck myself to some tutorials (a few from YouTube, another few from a platform called ‘Domestika’) that helped me to get a grasp of the overall interface.

Having acknowledged of how many opportunities these two softwares bring, I just got more nerdy about it and tried to challenge myself to come up with more complicated visuals. 

+ it is fun how sometimes some of these freshly acquired skills come in handy so unexpectedly!

Here you can see an animated version of a logo for a local upcoming brand.

Key takeout?
It feels so damn good to get to meddle with an unfamiliar software. Of course, beginnings are difficult because everything looks like a lil black magic but with some time spent on – damn, it brings so much joy and fun to just mess with a new medium. And once again, it was one of these things that reminded me how important it is – as cheesy as it sounds – to never stop learning.